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Your French-speaker ( Francophone) accounting company  in Auckland 

ATGSWIFTNESS is specialises in small Business 

If you have started a business and have no idea what to do next : this is what we specialise in 


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Everyone knows the challenge in finding a reliable accountant, and that’s why I started Accounts to go Limited. Whether you need help with taxes or with a business, I’m ready to take on all of your tax preparation and accounting demands. Working with me, you can rest assured your financial matters will be handled with care. Explore my site to learn more about my areas of expertise.

Financial Resource Allocation

A Wide Range of Services

Accounts to go Limited offers all the resources you need to be a responsible citizen in terms of finances. Often, accounting issues result from lack of information. I’ve gained expertise and experience in related fields so I can properly advise clients on their finances. I carefully advise clients on all taxes and other accounting issues in order to avoid errors and make sure important documents are filed on time. Explore my site to learn more about my areas of expertise.

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Analysing Data

Fastdiag the check up of your company

Fastdiag diagnostic  accelerator

Fastdiag ; an innovative software to see the real functioning of your company.

Identify with an interactive dashboard the improvement area in Production , Organisation and Management . 

Improve the operational and managerial culture of your company and asses the improvement of your staff.

A new vision of your company 100% Vitality.

Debt collector

Secure your Business

Are  you struggling to get your clients to pay on time ? Invoices well overdue ?
We offer an affordable debt collector service .
Fixed rate contracts .
We work with your clients to collect funds of your behalf taking the stress away  from you .

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