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Do you plan your time appropriately each week and adhere to those plan ?

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Time is the only asset that we are guaranteed to run out of. Where you end up and what you achieve is a direct result of how you invest your time. Effective time management habits must be among the most valuable skills or habits anyone can ever acquire. There are many approaches to time management and quite a few good books on the subject. For simplicity, I will highlight three basic points that, to me, underpin any time management system.

1/ Be sure to have a clear and conscious awareness of the value of your time. This must be the value of a “well –spent” hour –not just a hourly charge out rate. It should be the value of an hour spent onsomething genuinely important, valuable and lever aged - namely, something you do once but acquire value from for a long time. Examples might include an hour spent recruiting a great team member, an hour spent developing a new system that is then used in the business for year to come. This awareness usually serves to motivate people to respect their time!

2/ Always plan your time in advance . Your long-term goal and plan should determine your 12 month plan which, in turn, will provide a significant input into your 90 day plan. It is from this that your weekly plan will largely be created ensuring that it contains a significant weighting to important things. Your daily “To complete “list each evening for the following day, will be driven significantly by your weekly plan. As a manager, if less than 50 % of your time is invested in highvalue, important activities (those that will make a substantial difference to the longer –term value of your business), then you have work to do to improve things!

3/ Have clear tactics in place to maintain discipline in the execution of your plan. Recognise that procrastination will be temptation and know how you will avoid it. Being aware of the value of your time and of the attractiveness of your goal, as well as getting in the habit of “just starting”(remember , it only takes about 7-10 minutes to get into flow , so just starting is half battle)will all assist with this.

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