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Meeting or not meeting ! Some tips to make your meetings more effective .

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

The weekly meeting is often a prerequisite to foster cooperation within your team and get messages. Still, it often happens that it be considered a daunting task by your employees. So if you also see that some people are bored or lose any concentration at your meetings, here are some ways to make them more effective.

Organize meeting his team is a more complicated task than it seems. You are certainly many have experienced. You thought you'd done well, booked a room, took an overhead projector, respected the start time, duration, subject ... but your employees do not stay concentrated over a few minutes. Worse, they consider that in your meeting been useless.

There are some rules to follow to avoid such disappointments. "The evening is good for meetings, right? "Uh ... not really. It's late but you're still fresh and you think the same is true of your employees. Yet there is unlikely to be the case. If you organize your teams late meetings will not be in the good intentions and think more to the galley to expect in transit before returning home rather than subject studied. Except in cases of force majeure, any meeting after 18h should be avoided. Friday afternoon was not conducive to holding a meeting, approaching the weekend. "It was a meeting of eight hours yesterday, I think we made good progress." Not so sure actually. The human being has a short attention span, it decreases after 45 minutes. If you exceed 1 hour, take a short break before continuing. It is better to make a short and efficient meeting. You will not win in effectiveness if you take advantage of the meal for a meeting, first term will reduce the concentration but also the eating.

A meeting is not a trial! A meeting is primarily made to exchange ideas. Focus on solutions and ways of improvement. This is absolutely not the opportunity to appoint a culprit for the failure of the last weeks of the projects. If you focus on the problems everyone will want to defend his version of the story, blame others and in the end you'll simply wasted your time and your meeting will be perceived as a disaster. Yes you control PowerPoint, no need to prove it to all the meetings! You just learn to use Power point and know now full of advanced features that go according to you to impress your employees. However, this does nothing to advance you, the visuals should be kept simple, not overloaded. Your audience may quickly drop out if you superimposed real blocks of text in your slides. You choose, or they hear, or whether they read.

The best solution often remains to explain all oral and use PowerPoint to support, with simple visuals.

Avoid interrupting the chatter, you are not a dictator! If there is chatter, no need to crush, this may create tensions. We must ask the right questions, if people do not listen to it may also be because your communication is not suitable. If you realize that the discussion between several of your employees really has no relation to the theme of the meeting, go near them, they will be more inclined to listen to you like this. It is often more effective and more diplomatic than to challenge directly or offending employees. Keep track of the meeting To prove the usefulness of the meetings it is advisable to summarize what has been said at the end of the meeting and especially to follow up meetings by informing your employees of the decisions taken by and following meetings .

If your meetings are merely a pretext and that you do not listen to your employees, no doubt they will show a go quite limited in this kind of exercise.

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