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Stalling from one sector to another

At Ferrari as in all Formula 1 teams, the organisation is well-oiled. In less than 7 seconds the refuelling team hands over fuel and changes the 4 tires [for a can it would also drain you ...] Well ok many have already seen this video that dates a from 2005 I think .... We talk about organization, everyone knows what he has to do without encroaching on the job of the other.

Ok but once said that. What else ,,,,

We use it or not or we simply stay glued to the magnificent organization of red men with horseback ''La scuderia ,,,, with the Italian accent that's better.

The calibration, the calibration of the performance. Does that sound familiar to you?

Yes no can be ....

Well let me tell you a story, and true in addition.

We are in 2005 during a Formula 1 race two pediatricians from Great Ormond Street Hospital are struck by the efficiency of the Ferrari booth team.

Allan Goldman and Martin Elliot find that only one person gives the orders which avoids long debates, they also find that the operation is millimetered . Each member performs a specific task that he repeats to perfection.

Goldman and Elliot have therefore applied Ferrari's best practices in their work.

Thanks to clear instructions, every employee knows what his or her role is while a manager is appointed to each team. As a result errors in patient transfers between the operating theatre and the intensive care unit have dropped by 70%.

Why not improve your company's weaknesses by comparing its performance with that of its competitors. This process of stalling or benchmarking consists of reviewing the best practices of a given sector and then drawing lessons from them. It is also possible, like this London clinic, to be able to calibrate from one area to another. It's up to you.

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