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Timing to recontact . How to revive a prospect at the beginning of the year ? Adopt the good timing.

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

When you are back to the business , it's time to get back in touch with your propects and client as well .This is the time not to be missed to create sales opportunities . You should know your prospect to enter again and reactivate the contacts made before the holidays . Is your sales pipe line empty ? Do not panic !Here you will find some tips for a successful commercial return and boost your propects and customers efficiently.

Dose your business raises wisely.

The first few days, your prospects are very busy : Check and answer e-mails , get back into the records , meetings ….So they don't have any time to give you . Nerveless show your business intelligence .Adapt your market research to the situation of your prospect : Where was he in the sales process before the holidays ? What dit he tell you during your last contact in terms of timing ?

2 Possibility

• This prospect has asked you to call back in February . This is the right time for a raise : you can act !

• This prospect has remained unclear .Try a subtle and focused approach . For example you could ask if their needs have changed . If he doesn't answer right now , let him time to be available and get it touch later [ he could be really very busy with the business back ]

Do not forget : Your business development will be more effective if you take the right timing . Note the date given by your prospect before you call him back .

Do not insist with your prospects but persevere!

In terms of market research , commercial prospection and development, make way for strategy ! You must be patient, without being pushy. It's all in the balance . Regarding the timing , start with reconnecting by e-mail .If left unanswered : that doesn't necessarily means your prospect is not interested , he simply hasn't time for that moment to come back to you [ it is not a priority for him at that time ]. Let him 3-4 days for the for the first stimulus , then 10 for the second and 20 for the next . Think to vary the contents: a commercial revival , a useful input information for its business , an invitation to an event etc .

Good to know : With a prospect or client , it all happens between the 4th and the 11th stimulus , and 80% of sales are made during this period .

Be an advisor rather than a seller to reconnect.

You had already made contact with your prospect before the holidays. In January , February when you are back to the business , you decide to call your contact again . So you know its type profile: serve yourself! It is a competitive asset to have exchanged with him, to know his priorities, goals, needs. Thanks to previously collected data, you can customize your stimulus / prospecting. Play the card to the proximity in him offering targeted content compared to its expectations. Position yourself expert.Do not hesitate to ask him if his situation changed, if his plans have changed. You can bring him new information (encrypted data, market research, news ...) to accompany him closer to his needs. In providing solutions to its problems, you become its referent, a professional expert . He sees you more as a partner, advisor than a seller . An effective way to differentiate yourself from your competition from commercial return.

Vary your business development raises.

Pleasant change is valid in love ... and in business development! Phone call is unavoidable in February to follow up of your prospects and identify potential customers. Be creative and dare prospecting 360.

Play on all business development levers to achieve better results and generate business:

 .Send personalized email based on one of your market research. This will make him useful information. You take the first place in his professional esteem! 

.Be active on the web and social networks. The news of your business is a good track to develop and put forward to generate interest. Practice social selling! LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook networks are useful or even necessary to sell and prospect. Share an article on LinkedIn. 

. Launch an invitation to a workshop, an event... Awaken the curiosity of your prospect by the networking is a great idea: let him see the business opportunities he might discover during this reconnection. This informal meeting will be more favorable and friendly to reconnect. And create sales opportunities. This multi-channel prospecting is a way to always be in the minds of your prospects without they become aware of it, because you do it in subtle and clever way.

Commercial return : do not forget your old customers !

Maintaining the relationship with former clients is the key to creating new sales opportunities! For your commercial return, do not forget the customers who have already bought one of your products or services. Although this date sales of a year or more, you can explore them again.

To reconnect, go gently, step by step:

 Take news from him by email to reconnect: Politeness and friendliness program. Play the card of proximity. Ask if the solution provided by his first purchase had the desired impact.

 Be interested in its future needs .How he intends to develop his business and what he needs to achieve its objectives? What are his plans for the new year? Once its defined expectations, you can propose adapted and customized solutions. With this approach, he feels privileged and considered. 

Practice upselling(Or upgrading). With this sales technique, incite you to accept a product or service more expensive one he has already acquired, but especially more upscale. Offer to complementary solutions (cross selling) your first offer. If he was satisfied, he will naturally be more inclined to be seduced again.

 Despite your marketing efforts, your client refuses. At this point, nothing is lost. Remember that the pay perseverance. Give him time to think and get back in touch later. Build customer loyalty through a qualitative customer care, personalized and long term. If a customer has not accepted your new offer immediately, does solicit regularly and without excess can lead to the sale. By following these tips, you have the keys for a successful back to the business and returned back in touch effectively with your prospects. Practice situational business intelligence, be persistent without excess, become a referent advisor, vary

your times of contact and do not forget your old clients. You have the recipe for effective business development at your business back !

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